Blockchain APAC - Issue #3

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Blockchain APAC

September 15 · Issue #3 · View online
Your newsletter on Blockchain, Bitcoin, Ethereum and Cryptocurrency news around the Asia-Pacific region. Blockchains are changing the foundation of our global economy, don't lag behind in the increasingly decentralized world!

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Bitcoin $BTC:          $3,076.00
Litecoin $LTC:               $40.95
Ethereum $ETH:         $212.66

Data according to Brave New Coin as of 4:45pm GMT +8 on 15 Sept 2017

Industry News
Ethereum Founder on ICOs: "We Are in a Bubble, A Lot of Projects Will Fail"
Swiss Town to Accept Tax Payments in Bitcoin
Microsoft Plays Blockchain Matchmaker with Azure Council Creation
The EU Has Now Invested Over €5 Million in Blockchain Startups
U.S. Blockchain startups R3 and Ripple in legal battle
ICO - Fund Raising Democratized
$797 million in 3 months: Blockchain’s newest industry is going crazy
Thomson Reuters adds Bitcoin Liquid Index (BLX) to Eikon
Ethereum founder Vitalik Buterin discusses ICO, the Consensus Algorithm, and the most interesting Apps
How Industry Responded to China’s ICO Ban
Finance World / R3 Corda / Utility Settlement Coin
Euroclear Alternative Seeks Public Listing for Blockchain Securities
UK Financial Regulator Builds Blockchain App on R3's Corda
A Bitcoin Investment Fund Was Just Approved In Canada - Motherboard
JPMorgan calls Bitcoin 'fraud' only for use by criminals and North Koreans
Security & Regulations
Understanding Crypto Regulations
Blockchain and Cryptocurrency: The Emerging Regulatory Framework
33 Cases: Cryptocurrency Fraud Is on the Rise in Japan
Why It’s So Easy to Hack Cryptocurrency Startup Fundraisers
Cryptographic vulnerabilities in IOTA
Asia-Pacific Region
Japanese startup plans one-stop ICO platform fueled by $25M from VCs and a $60M ICO
Russian Government Plans to Subsidize Bitcoin Mining Electrical Cost
Deloitte Launches Regional Blockchain Lab in Hong Kong
'Blockchain is Not Ready to Replace Settlement Systems,' Say Bank of Japan and European Central Bank
Samsung SDS Delivers Korea-China Blockchain Shipment
Malaysian Finance Regulator Warns Investors Over ICO Risks
Swiss Crypto Valley Association Calls for ‘Careful’ ICO Regulation - CryptoCoinsNews
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